Many people thought we were mad. Most days we think the same. But for different reasons.

To open another Italian bar and restaurant in Chicago? You must be mad.

But we're not mad just committed. Committed to a belief in what we do and how we do it. Committed to a belief in Italian food and wines and style and service. The best of produce, cooked and served in a way that's relevant to the way we want live our lives now. Authentic Italian food simply prepared to let the freshest of ingredients sing. Food to share. Menus that are flexible. A wine list that matches and challenges and is built to satisfy the full range of tastes while being neat in its numbers. With a killer cocktail list that understands the classics, knows how to push the new, and also knows that sometimes all you need is a great glass of wine or a great beer.


All this brought together with a service that can be informal  only because of it's deep rooted understanding of formalities. And in surroundings that can only be described as some of the most stunning, and appropriate, design that Chicago has ever seen. Honest.

And honesty is why we are happy say: Welcome to Filini - almost 100% Italian - we're sure you won't be disappointed. We look forward to seeing you, again and again and again.

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